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Burger Buns Forming Line QLLE-B6

Fully automatic burger buns forming and panning line, capacity 5,000-24,000 pcs/h,

Equipped with automatic pan feeding, panning, pan shaking, and flour collecting system.


Volumetric type burger buns forming line, SUS304 main structure. 

PLC intelligent control protects the personal safety of the machine and the operator.

With high division accuracy and good round shape. Won't damage the dough gluten.

Max capacity 5,000- 24,000 pcs/h with one burger production line.


Suitable for mid-big bakery factory with burger buns production.

Product Description

Streamline your burger bun production with our fully automatic forming line. Engineered for precision and efficiency, this fully automatic burger bun forming line ensures consistent shaping and uniformity of your burger buns. Perfect for bakeries and food manufacturers, our advanced hamburger line delivers high-quality results, reducing labor costs and increasing productivity. Invest in a reliable solution for your burger bun manufacturing needs.

The datasheet of Burger Buns Forming Line is as follows:

ModelWeight rangeMax capacityDimension (mm)
QLLE-B528-130g10,000 pcs/h11050*1300*2500
QLLE-B628-130g12,000 pcs/h11050*1440*2500
QLLE-B2428-100g 24,000 pcs/h11000*1500*2800

★Accept non-standard customization, If you have any need for our automatic burger molders, please feel free to contact us!

Fully Automatic Burger Buns Forming Line Details:

A fully automatic burger bun forming line typically consists of several integral components that work together to produce processed burgers from raw ingredients. A typical production line will include:

▲Dough mixer

Long loaf bread forming line QLLM-T3

Dough divider elevator

Long loaf bread forming line QLLM-T3

Dough divider rounder

Frozen dough balls forming line QLLF-B6

Panning machine

Burger buns forming line QLLE-B6

▲Pan feeder

Frozen dough balls forming line QLLF-B6

An automatic hamburger production line is a comprehensive production system designed to produce large amounts of hamburgers quickly and efficiently. This type of system is widely used in commercial and industrial settings, such as large quick-service restaurants, supermarkets, and food manufacturing plants. Request a quote quickly!

Burger buns forming line QLLE-B6

Fully Automatic Burger Buns Forming Line can provide a quick and efficient way to produce a large volume of hamburger patties in a matter of minutes. The automated production line is significantly less labor intensive than traditional burger production processes and ensures greater consistency, less wastage and a better end product. In addition, the use of sophisticated controls and robotics can reduce operational costs and make the production process more efficient. For these reasons, the automated production line is becoming increasingly popular in the food processing industry.

QinLi Burger Buns Forming Line Advantages:

1. Customized design as factory layout and clients' budget.

2. Devote to get the unmanned working.

3. Unique parallel design to ensure stable operation and avoid emergency failure.

4. Flexible adjustment for different clients' requirements.

5. Competitive price and high-performance quality.


1. Who Are We?

QinLi is based in Guangdong, China, started in 2013, sells to Domestic Market(69.40%), Southeast Asia(6.00%), Mid East(5.60%), South America(4.80%), Oceania(4.20%), Eastern Europe(2.00%), Southern Europe(1.60%), Africa(1.40%), Western Europe(1.20%), Central America(00.00%), South Asia(00.00%), Eastern Asia(80.00%), North America(60.00%), Northern Europe(40.00%). There are a total of about 11-50 people in our office.

2. How Can We Guarantee Quality?

Always a pre-production sample before mass production; Always final Inspection before shipment;

Burger Buns Forming Line QLLE-B6

3. What Can You Buy from Us?

We manufacture automated production lines and other equipment for a wide range of bakery products. Our lines automate all processes involved in the production of bakery goods, including the preparation of pre-ferment and dough, preliminary and final proofing, forming of dough pieces, baking, and cooling of finished products. View all Products.

4. Why Should You Buy from Us Not from Other Suppliers?

Our core technology team has more than 15 years of experience in the baking industry, focusing on dough process equipment, such as dough divider rounders and burger/ hotdog molders and so on

5. What Services Can We Provide?

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Burger Buns Forming Line QLLE-B6