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Fully automatic Caterpillar hot dog rolls forming line

Fully automatic hot dog buns and burger buns forming line for Caterpillar hot dog rolls , can shape 6", 8", 10", 12" hot dog buns with 20 minutes resting and enough air exhausting.

★Hot dog buns shaping process: 

 dough mixing-dough dividing& rounding& slight flatting-20 minutes resting-2 times press & curl chain rolling-pressure plate rolling-Automatic panning-manual pick tray up.

Product Description

Step up your hot dog bread production with our advanced Hot Dog Bread Forming Line. Engineered for high-capacity output and unparalleled uniformity, this specialized equipment is the perfect blend of technology and craftsmanship. Ideal for bakeries and food manufacturers, our forming line ensures minimal downtime and maximum productivity, delivering hot dog buns that are consistent in size, shape, and quality. 

Hot dog buns forming video

Equipment list:

▲Dough divider elevator, for automatic dough feeding.

▲Dough divider rounder, for dough balls dividing rounding.

▲Intermediate proofer, for dough resting before molding.

▲Moulder panning machine, for hot dog buns and burger buns moulding and panning.


▲It's possible to produce both hot dog and burger buns by model switch.

▲The forming process can be customized according to demands.

▲Saving of raw materials due to high weight accuracy of the dough balls.

▲Each machine is equipped with an induction device to ensure the continuity of the production line.

▲Application: Compatible with the molding of burgers and hot dogs.

Data sheet as follows:

ModelBreadWeight rangeMax capacityDimension (mm)
QLLE-HM66 inch hotdogs28-130g6,000 pcs/h  15000*1440*2800 
8 inch hotdogs28-130g4,000-9,000 pcs/h
12 inch hotdogs28-130g2,000-4,000 pcs/h

★Accept non-standard customization

▲Dough divider elevator


▲Dough divider rounder


▲Intermediate proofer


▲Moulder panning machine