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Hamburger Production Line QLLE-H6

QinLi creates a custom-made production line with respective planning & designing to meet the demands of each customer. As per the information from customers about product items, expected production capacity, site actual condition, etc., we supply the running direction of the flowchart and equipment recommendation. Through enhancing machine production capacity, make product quality more stable in production, to bring the biggest benefit of investment and precede more fruitful & valuable target. Our Hamburger production line equipment meets your bread for manufacture requirements.

Product Description

The hamburger production line can produce market pie, fashion Hamburg chicken nuggets, mallard incense Hamburg nets bread, fish potato latkes, pumpkin pie, kebabs and other products, is a fast-food restaurant, distribution center, food factory ideal meat (vegetable) molding equipment.

It also can produce different shapes of burgers, round, square and special shapes of products. Can produce different materials products. Fish, beef, pork, chicken, vegetables, etc. Suitable for high-capacity hamburger/buns hot dogs bread factories and other food factories.

QinLi hamburger production line high degree of automation, operation simple, convenient cleaning, and multi-purpose, material suitable for wide, abundant products. Contact us to know more details or let us know your requirements.

Our experience enables us to assemble the hamburger in many configurations:

◆ Fresh or frozen buns, square, round, bagels, etc.

◆ Sliced or liquid cheese.

◆ Ketchup, mayonnaise, with or without particulates.

◆Burger: beef, chicken, fish, potato patties, veggie burgers etc.

Hamburger Production Line Details:

QLLD-H series production lines are the automatic production lines for burger bun making. From flour to burger dough on the pan, the next step is final fermentation.

Hamburger production line QLLE-H6

A hamburger production line typically consists of several integral components that work together to produce processed burgers from raw ingredients. Depending on the scale of the production and the type of product, these components can vary significantly. Generally speaking, however, a typical production line will include: 

A. Dough mixer

B. Dough divider elevator QLSC-200

C. Dough divider rounder QLDR-5/6

D. Moulder panning machine QLTA-H5/6

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Hamburg Production Line Working:

The Hamburger Production Line from QinLi Company! Our cutting-edge factory is designed to revolutionize the way you produce delicious, high-quality hamburgers. With our advanced technology and innovative processes, we guarantee that your production line will be efficient, reliable, and profitable.

Our Hamburger Production Line Factory boasts a wide range of features that make it the perfect choice for any food production facility. From the initial stages of preparing the ingredients to the final packaging and storage, our production line is designed to streamline the entire process and ensure maximum efficiency.

Technical parameters of Hamburger Production Line:


Capacity pcs/hOverall size

1. Customized design as factory layout and clients' budget.

2. Devote to get the unmanned working.

3. Unique parallel design to ensure stable operation and avoid emergency failure.

4. Flexible adjustment for different clients' requirements.

5. Competitive price and high-performance quality.

Hamburger production line QLLE-H6


1. The required space at the site will be different as per the area of selected equipment, different bread types & ranges, and expected productivity.
2. It is just for reference and the detailed planning be proposed after discussing with the customers. Your further discussion is welcome anytime.

You can contact us to get more details of the machines or let us know your requirements so we can design and manufacture the machine according to your needs.

Hamburger Production Line Features:

1. Imported electronic components to improve machine working life.

2. High automation, reduces production costs and labor costs.

3. Modular design, flexible layout, can adapt to different plant requirements.

4. High quality control to ensure product consistency, and reduce defective products.

5. Separate functional zones for independent operation.It can avoid food contamination,and meet the safety requirements of food.

Why Choose QinLi Hamburger Production Line?

QinLi is a leading factory in manufacturing top-quality Hamburger Production Lines. Our innovative technology and expert craftsmanship ensure consistent quality and maximum output, making us the preferred choice for businesses looking to optimize their production process.

QinLi hamburger production line can provide a quick and efficient way to produce a large volume of hamburgers in a matter of minutes. The automated production line is significantly less labor intensive than traditional burger production processes and ensures greater consistency, less wastage and a better end product. In addition, the use of sophisticated controls and robotics can reduce operational costs and make the production process more efficient. For these reasons, the automated production line is becoming increasingly popular in the food processing industry. 

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