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Hot Dog Bread Forming Line QLLE-H6

Fully automatic hot dog buns and burger buns forming line, can shape 6", 8", 10", 12" hot dog bread and burger buns.

QinLi creates a custom-made production line with respective planning & designing to meet the demands of each customer. 

As per the information from customers about product items, expected production capacity, site actual condition, etc., we supply the running direction of the flowchart and equipment recommendation. 

Through enhancing machine production capacity, make product quality more stable in production, to bring the biggest benefit of investment and precede more fruitful & valuable target. 

Our Hot Dog bun production line equipment meets your bread for manufacture requirements.

Product Description

Step up your hot dog bread production with our advanced Hot Dog Bread Forming Line. Engineered for high-capacity output and unparalleled uniformity, this specialized equipment is the perfect blend of technology and craftsmanship. Ideal for bakeries and food manufacturers, our forming line ensures minimal downtime and maximum productivity, delivering hot dog buns that are consistent in size, shape, and quality. 

Burger Buns Forming VideoHot Dog Buns Forming Video

Burger Buns Shaping ProcessHot Dog Buns Shaping Process
dough mixing-dough dividing& rounding& slight flatting-Dough resting-Double roller press-Flour dusting-Automatic panning-manual pick tray up.dough mixing-dough dividing& rounding& slight flatting-Dough resting-Double roller press & curl chain rolling-Flour dusting-pressure plate rolling-Automatic panning-manual pick tray up.

Hot Dog Bread Forming Line QLLE-H6

Hotdogs Bread Forming Line Feature:

1. Imported electronic components for improving machine working life.

2. High automation, reduce the production costs and labor cost.

3. Modular design, flexible layout, can adapt to different plant requirements.

4. High quality control to ensure the product consistency, reduce defective products.

5. Separate functional zones for independent operation.It can avoid food contamination,and meet the safety requirements of food.

6. It's possible to produce both hot dog and burger buns by model switch.

7. The forming process can be customized according to demands. 

8. Saving of raw materials due to high weight accuracy of the dough balls.

9. Each hotdogs bread forming line is equipped with an induction device to ensure the continuity of the production line.

10. Application: Compatible with the molding of burgers and hot dogs. Suitable for high capacity hamburger/buns hot dogs bread factory and other food factory.

Hotdogs Bread Forming Line Data sheet as follows:

ModelBreadWeight rangeMax capacityDimension (mm)
 Single lineQLLE-H66 inch hotdogs28-130g6,000 pcs/h  15000*1440*2800 
8 inch hotdogs28-130g4,500 pcs/h
4 inch burger28-130g12,000 pcs/h

★Accept non-standard customization,We can provide the best solution according to your factory layout and capacity. Contact us to discuss details.

Hotdogs Bread Forming Line Equipment list:

① Dough divider elevator, for automatic dough feeding.


② Dough divider rounder, for dough balls dividing rounding.


③ Intermediate proofer, for dough resting before molding.


④ Moulder panning machine, for hot dog buns and burger buns moulding and panning.


1.The required space at site will be different as per the area of selected equipment, different breads type & range, and expected productivity.
2.It is just for reference and the detail planning be proposed after discussing with the customers. Your further discussion is welcomed anytime.

Hot Dog Bread Forming Line Factory, Manufacturer, Supplier | QinLi

QinLi is a premier source for high-quality Hot Dog Bread Forming Lines. As a leading factory, manufacturer, and supplier, we specialize in providing state-of-the-art equipment designed to meet the demands of modern bakeries and food production facilities. 

Our Hot Dog Bread Forming Lines are engineered to deliver exceptional performance, efficiency, and consistency. With years of experience in the industry, we understand the needs of our customers and strive to exceed their expectations with every product we deliver. Our Hot Dog Bread Forming Line is designed to automate the entire process of hot dog bun production, from dough preparation to packaging. This ensures a streamlined operation that enhances productivity and maintains high standards of quality.

Benefits of Choosing QinLi

● Quality Assurance: Our equipment is built to the highest standards, ensuring durability and reliability.

● Efficiency: Designed to maximize productivity and minimize waste.

● Customization: We offer tailored solutions to meet your specific production needs.

● Support: Comprehensive customer service and technical support to assist you at every stage.

Why Partner with QinLi?

● Experience: Decades of expertise in manufacturing food production equipment.

● Innovation: Continuous improvement and innovation to keep you ahead of the competition.

● Global Reach: Serving clients worldwide with reliable and efficient delivery.

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Hot Dog Bread Forming Line QLLE-H6