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French Baguette Bread Forming Line QLLB-T3

Fully automatic French baguette bread forming line, capacity 2,000-4,000 pcs/h, dough ball resting time 8-12 minutes.

Equipped with automatic pan feeding and panning system.

The equipment list is as follows:

Dough mixer;

Dough divider elevator;

Dough divider;

Conical rounder;

Intermediate proofer;

Baguette molder and panning system;

Product Description

Baguette Bread Production Line is a specialized set of machines and equipment used in the mass production of French bread, also known as a baguette. Discover the Ultimate in Baguette Production: High-speed, Efficient, and Adaptable Solutions with Minimal Downtime and Rapid Changeovers. Achieve artisan quality baguettes with the industry's leading high-speed sheeting technology. Designed with flexibility in mind to produce a wide range of artisan products, QinLi's stress-free baguette line grows with your bakery by incorporating modular units for easy product changeover and maximum variety. 

With years of experience in the baguette bread production line, QinLi Machinery can supply a wide range of baguette bread production line. The baguette bread production line can meet many applications, if you need it, please get our online timely service about baguette bread production line. You can also customize your own unique baguette bread production line according to your specific needs. If you are interested in our French bread production line, welcome to buy the custom equipment from our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Top quality, reliable performance and competitive price can be assured.

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Baguette Bread Production Line Feature:

The Length & Weight & Diameter of the dough column are adjustable.

With an intermediate proofer, it’s possible to release gluten pressure.

Easy to operate with stable running and labor-saving.

It's possible to connect the Auto tray feeding & panning line or tray returning line.

High water content, sharp, weight and position accuracy due to the guillotine system

Long service life and stability due to its robust all-over stainless-steel design

High production reliability due to perfectly compatible components

Easy cleaning due to its hygienic design and good accessibility

Datasheet of the Baguette Bread Production Line:

ModelBaguette SizeWeight rangeMax capacityDimension (mm)
 QLLB-T3 300-600mm 200-1000g 3,000 pcs/h 10000*4000*2800

Accept non-standard customization

French Baguette Bread Forming Line QLLB-T3

Baguette Bread Production Line Details:

Operate Details:

Intelligent control system can realize automatic adjustment of skin thickness and speed (optional)
High efficiency, high output, labor saving, suitable for large-scale industrial production
It can produce bread with high moisture content.

▲Dough mixer

Long loaf bread forming line QLLM-T3

▲Dough divider elevator

Long loaf bread forming line QLLM-T3

▲Dough divider

Long loaf bread forming line QLLM-T3

▲Conical rounder

Long loaf bread forming line QLLM-T3

▲Intermediate proofer

Long loaf bread forming line QLLM-T3

▲Baguette moulder panning machine

French baguette bread forming line QLLB-T3

Automatic Baguette Production Line Advantage:

-Applicable for Making Baguette, Ciabatta, Bagel, Toast Bread, etc.
-Suitable for Handling High Water Content Dough (Up to 70%)
-Low-Stress Dough Handling Technology
-Quick Change Over Parts for Different Products
-Hygienic Design, Easy for Cleaning

Baguette Bead Production Line Application: 

Use for long baguette bread forming with High production demands bakery.

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