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Tortilla Production Line QLLE-T6

This line makes the tortilla in a traditional way which is pressing the cut dough ball into a even shape. The weight of the divided dough ball can be adjusted to form the ideal bread size. Automatic proofing room can give a good rest / fermentation of the dough ball.

Connected with oven , cooler and packing system, the line can meet the full processing demand.

Product Description

Flour tortillas have been produced for centuries and have become popular around the globe. Traditionally, tortillas have been consumed on the day of baking. However, the need for high-capacity tortilla production lines has therefore increased. We have transformed the traditions of the past into a state-of-the-art production line. 

QinLi tortilla production line enables you to automate production with less effort and stress. You can have one-stop shopping for not only tortilla-making machines, such as sieving, wrapper making, and packaging but also your proposal that is made by QinLi's sales engineers according to your production needs, factory layouts, existing equipment, human resources, etc.

Tortilla Production Line Working

QinLi Tortilla Production Line guarantees you high efficiency and quality food products. The automatic production line can make tortillas efficiently with the least manpower. After placing divided dough balls on the conveyor, through the process of pressing, baking, cooling, and stacking for packaging. The special heat and press system can evenly press dough balls to make all tortillas look great and have consistent quality.

QLLE-ST series products are a multifunctional line for flour tortilla production.

Tortilla production line QLLE-T6

As a tortilla equipment manufacturer, we have the whole tortilla production line, including:

A. Dough mixer

B. Dough divider elevator QLSC-200

C. Dough divider rounder QLDR-5/6

D. Intermediate proofer QLIP6-350

E. Hot pressor

F. Gas tunnel oven

G. Cooler

H. Stacker & counter

The machines can be adjusted in model and quantity according to real production needs. Want to get a quick quote and consultant? Please contact us now.

Tortilla Production Line Specification:

ModelCapacity pcs/hOverall size
QLLE-T68'' tortilla36002208*189*1883P-380V50Hz57KW
QLLE-T88'' tortilla6800-80002208*213*1883P-380V50Hz104KW

Tortilla production line QLLE-T6

Tortilla Production Line Suitable For: 

◎ Central kitchen: a place where a large amount of food is prepared and cooked, where the dishes are served at mealtimes or processed into read-to-heat meals and where the operator should pay attention to food safety.

◎ Food factory: a building where machines are equipped to prepare ingredients and make, cook and package food. E.g. frozen food factory, ready meal factory.

◎ Kitchen design and equipment supplier: a person or organization that provides production process planning, commercial kitchen appliances, and food-making machines.

◎ Machine distributor: a person or organization that buys great food machines and sells them to local customers.

◎ Entrepreneur who wants to invest in the food industry: someone who starts a new food business and needs a comprehensive solution, including consulting service in equipment purchase and manufacturing know-how.

◎ Cloud kitchen: a place where a large amount of food is prepared and cooked for takeout and delivery.

◎ Restaurant/Cafeteria: it refers to restaurants/cafeterias that need to switch from manual to automatic production, in order to save time and labor and increase capacity.

 Hotel: a place where food is cooked and served to more than a hundred people at mealtime or processed dishes into ready-to-heat meals to sell.

◎ School: it refers to school caterers who serve lunch to teachers, students, and staff or a central kitchen shared by several schools.

Product Suitability: 

The QinLi Tortilla Production Line is suitable for the following product ranges:

◆ Tortilla

◆ Roti

◆ Chapati

◆ Pitta

◆ Wraps

◆ Pizza

◆ Roti

Tortilla Production Solution

Different processing machines, from dough makers, and forming machines, to packing machines, comprise a comprehensive automatic tortilla production line. QinLi provides a custom-made one-stop solution service to save you from searching and inquiring about machines one by one.

With 10 years of experience in providing services for numerous food factories and central kitchens, QinLi is your professional turnkey project consultant in tortilla production. Based on your factory size and manpower, we can provide custom-made suggestions for tortilla equipment configuration and integration, wiring, production plan, and other details. In addition, QinLi assists you in thoroughly assessing the effectiveness of a solution and estimating manpower and time that could be reduced, which allows you to focus on operation and market development.

If you have any questions about machines and production, please feel free to contact us for further discussion.

Tortilla Production Line Service:

As a tortilla machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide complete pre-sale, on-sale and after-sales service.
1. Free training on machine installation, operation and maintenance will be provided by our engineers.
2. We can permanently supply spare parts at a cost price.
3. We will provide after-sales service to our customers permanently by phone, email and video.
4. Our engineers can go to the customer's factory for machine installation and adjustment if needed.

Tortilla Production Line QLLE-T6