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Sesame dusting machine QL04-5S

OL04-5 series products are for seed dusting, such as sesame and oat and egg liquid and milk, which need to spray on the top of bread.

Working method, first spray filtered water, second dusting the seeds.


Connect with forming line, dusting before fermentation. 

Connect with tunnel oven, dusting after fermentation.


Equipped with high quality water spray nozzles and dusting motor.

Button control, dusting speed is adjustable.

Equipped with a water filter.

It's possible to equip water jet.

Product Description


A. All SUS304 stainless steel construction.

B. With high quality imported nozzle and sprinkling motor.

C. With water filter.

D. Knob control , belt convey speed and speed of sesame dusting are all adjustable.

E. Can working with sesame oat milk and egg liquid , equipped with hopper and water spray nozzle

F. equipped with 4 high quality water knifes, water pressure is adjustable

PlatformAdvantage and FunctionCategoryMachine ModelSPECMax CapacityMachine WeightMachine overall size /cm
seeds Sprinkleronly for sesame sprinkling5-ROWQL04-5S1 topper10000pcs/h200KG232*115*135
only for oat sprinkling5-ROWQL04-5O1 topper10000pcs/h200KG232*115*135
both for sesame
 and oat sprinkling
5-ROWQL04-5SO2 toppers10000pcs/h200KG232*115*135
only for sesame sprinkling6-ROWQL04-6S1 topper12000pcs/h200KG232*115*135
only for oat sprinkling6-ROWQL04-6O1 topper12000pcs/h200KG232*115*135
both for sesame
and oat sprinkling
6-ROWQL04-6SO2 toppers12000pcs/h200KG232*115*135

Sesame dusting machine QL04-5S

Sesame dusting machine QL04-5S

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