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Dough Divider Rounder QLDR-8

QLDR-8 dough divider rounder is a heavy duty dough balls dividing rounding machine, making dough balls with 8 pieces one time, weight range 28-110g, capacity 8,000-16,000 pcs/h, error less than 2g.

Automatic feeding dough balls for further processing to obtain flour tortilla, pita, pizza, hamburger, hot dog buns, mantou, small bread, and has a Teflon-coated SS304 hopper of approx. 35kg capacity.


A volumetric-type dividing system, won't hurt gluten.

Suitable to work softy and semi-hard dough.

Automatic weighting system, easy to operate.

Teflon-coated rounding drum makes it easy to clean.

Top hopper volume 35Kg.

Fit 50-65% water content dough.

Oil free dividing system, helps to save cost. 


Product Description

Dough Divider Rounders are essential tools for bakers, particularly those who make bread or pizza. These machines help to divide and round dough pieces quickly and uniformly, ensuring consistent results in the final product.  

The Dough Divider Rounder is designed to take a large pre-weighed portion of dough and divide it into smaller pieces with the exact same weight and round it to perfection. Dough divider rounders come in a variety of sizes and shapes for the production of a variety of products from rolls and buns to baguettes and pizza.


The dough is handled gently thanks to a star wheel dosing system and adjustment of the pressure in the portioning chambers. All this avoids stress on the dough due to the mechanical action of the machine, producing the required dough weight. The suitable liquid content of our dough is 50-65%, and running without vegetable oil. Oil is unnecessary for dividing process lubrication.

Designed to be long-lasting and easy to clean, our dough divider rounders save you time and money without sacrificing quality. Contact us to learn more and discover which dough divider/rounder is right for your bakery, cafe, restaurant, or another business.

Dough Divider Rounder Technical Parameters: 

ModelWeight rangeProduction pcs/hOverall size cmControl systemColor
The touch screen is optional, standard machine equipped with a button control panel
NamePistonDrumConveyor beltHydraulic oilGear oil
SPECfood grade plastic8 rows of plastic drumfood grade PUShell-TELLUS-S2MX 46Shell-Omala-S2 G

Datasheet of heavy duty dough divider rounder machine

Dough divider rounderModelWeight rangeMax capacityDimension (mm)
   Heavy duty typeQLDR-2 150-350g4000pcs/h2100*1200*1800
QLDR-3 130-250g6000pcs/h2100*1200*1800
QLDR-4 28-200g8000pcs/h2100*1200*1800
QLDR-5 28-130g10000pcs/h2100*1200*1800
QLDR-6 28-130g12000pcs/h2100*1200*1800
QLDR-8 28-110g16000pcs/h2100*1330*1800
QLDR-9 40-70g18000pcs/h2100*1330*1800
Suitable dough water content of 50-65%, based on 100kg plain flour.

Dough Divider Rounder QLDR-8

Dough Divider Rounder Details:

Dough Divider Rounder QLDR-8

Key Features & Benefits of Dough Divider Rounder

1. Consistency

One of the biggest benefits you will notice right away when using a dough divider rounder is its consistency. This is a big deal for bakers as they know consistency is what keeps customers happy and coming back for more. The type of consistency provided by a dough divider rounder simply cannot be duplicated with human hands.

2. Time & Labor Savings

Manually dividing and rounding your dough could be an extremely time-consuming task, and in the bakery world, time is money! A dough divider allows you to automate the dividing and rounding process saving you precious time that could be spent doing other important tasks around the bakery. Automating this process can lead to increased productivity without having to hire extra help.

3. Increased Production

With the automation of a dough divider rounder, even the smallest of bakeries can easily keep up with production and demand. This scalability is particularly beneficial for some bakeries experiencing growth demand or looking to possibly expand their product offerings.

4. Versatility in Dough Types

Dough divider rounder machines are capable of dividing a variety of doughs ranging from soft doughs to more dense doughs. This makes them suitable for a wide range of applications and products.

Operate Details

Dough Divider Rounder QLDR-8

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FAQs About Our Dough Divider Rounder

1. What are the most common types of Dough Divider Rounders?

There are several types of Dough Divider Rounders, including manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic models. Manual models require the operator to manually feed the dough into the machine, while semi-automatic and fully automatic models use conveyor belts or other mechanisms to automate the process.

2. What types of dough can be used with your divider rounder?

Our dough divider rounder is versatile and can be used with various types of dough, including bread dough, pizza dough, pastry dough, and more. It's designed to handle a wide range of consistencies and recipes.

3. What sizes of dough portions can your machine produce?

Our dough divider rounder can produce portions ranging from small balls to larger sizes, depending on the model and settings. We offer machines suitable for small artisan bakeries as well as large-scale industrial operations.

4. Is the machine easy to clean and maintain?

Yes, we design our machines with ease of cleaning and maintenance in mind. They feature removable parts and accessible components, making it simple to clean after each use and perform regular maintenance tasks.

5. Can the machine handle gluten-free or specialty dough?

Absolutely! Our dough divider rounder is capable of handling gluten-free dough, as well as specialty dough with added ingredients such as seeds, nuts, or herbs. We can also customize machines to accommodate specific requirements.

6. How can I get technical support or assistance with my machine?

We provide comprehensive technical support and assistance to our customers. You can reach out to our customer service team via phone or email for troubleshooting, spare parts orders, or any other inquiries related to your dough divider rounder.

7. Can I customize my Dough Divider Rounder to suit my specific needs?

QinLi offers customization options for Dough Divider Rounders, such as adjustable cutting sizes or specialized attachments. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

8. Do you offer training for operating the machine?

Yes, we provide training for operating our dough divider rounders. Whether you're a new customer or need a refresher course for your staff, our experienced trainers will ensure that you're proficient in using the machine safely and efficiently.

9. Can you assist with installation and setup?

Absolutely! We offer installation services for our machines to ensure they're properly set up and integrated into your bakery operations. Our technicians will handle the installation process and provide guidance on optimal setup for your specific needs.

10. What warranty do you offer for your dough divider rounders?

We stand behind the quality and reliability of our machines with a comprehensive warranty. The specific terms and duration of the warranty vary depending on the model and configuration. Please contact our sales team for details regarding warranty coverage for your purchase.

Dough Divider Rounder QLDR-8