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Intermediate Proofer QLIP6-H175

QLIP series is a intermediate proofer for dough balls leavening or first fermentation, which would could connect with burger buns and hot dog buns production line.


★Intermediate proofer is designed to take dough gluten rest before molding.


★Fully SUS304 stainless steel structure, ensure food safety.

★With Siemens PLC controller, adjust inner temperature and humidity automatically. 

★With transparent windows, the running process is visible.

★Automatic continuous work synchronized with the divider speed.

★With enough resting, dough buns won't shrink during molding process.

Product Description

1. Leaving time 12 minutes.

2. Quality of basket is 250-350pcs.

3. Feeding dough balls to moulder & panning machine.

4. Material of the basket and proofer structure is SUS304 stainless steel

5. All actions by the microcomputer PLC control, continuous automatic running by touch screen control.

6. With temperature and humidity controller, for it's needless in tropical region.

Data sheet as follows:




Resting time



Dough weight rangeMax Capacity         



QLIP6 -T230Tortilla8-12 Mins230*628-130g12000 pcs/h 6200*1069*3500
QLIP6 -H175Hot dog6-8 Mins175*628-200g 9000 pcs/h 4300*1100*2860

Long loaf bread


8-12 Mins72*8200-1500g 4000 pcs/h 2100*1840*3100

★Detailed photos:

Intermediate Proofer QLIP6-H175

Intermediate Proofer QLIP6-H175

Intermediate Proofer QLIP6-H175

Intermediate Proofer QLIP6-300