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Long Loaf Bread Moulder QTMO-881


Automatic forming for Toast bread, long loaf bread, Baguette bread.


Fully SUS304 structure, pressure rollers are made of food-grade plastics.

Heavy-duty stainless steel rollers help release the air trapped inside the dough.

It's possible to cooperate with automatic panning system, realize unmanned operation.

Can connect the 2nd molding station, to realize two times air exhausting.

Pressure plate helps to control dough stick length, and get smooth surface.

Product Description


★Data sheet:

Model FeatureMax capacityMax Shaping LengthDimension(mm) 
QTMO-3002 rollers3000 pcs/h300mm1370*1025*2025
QTMO-8813 rollers3000 pcs/h600mm3150*1065*2025
QTMO-8823 rollers with cutting3000 pcs/h600mm3650*1065*2025

★Detailed photos:

Long Loaf Bread Moulder QTMO-881Long Loaf Bread Moulder QTMO-881