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Moulder & Panning Machine QLTA-H5&6

QLTA-HB5&HB6 are the multifunctional moulder for burger & 6 inch hot dog & 8 inch hot dog buns. First table is for dough ball flatting, second table is for curl chain rolling, third table is for pathway pressure plate rolling, fourth table is for burger pan shaking and flour collection.


Use for mid-big bakery factory with burger buns/hot dog shaping.


With model switch, it's possible to shape burger buns or hot dog buns.

Optional air exhausting and flour collecting device, if necessary.

Equipped with the tray feeding and panning synchronization system.

The pathway pressure plate helps to get uniform dough sticks.

Product Description


A. Material of casing and structure is SUS304 Stainless steel.

B.Suitable for 8 inch & 6inch hot dog and 4 inch burger buns making ,pathway rolling with pressure plate.

C. With the powder collection system.

D. All actions by the microcomputer Siemens PLC control system and Siemens touch screen.

E. Every motor equiped with overheat alarm.

F. Push the 650 mm frame going ahead ,and making hotdogs with one action

G. Equiped with automatic trays feeding system

H. Equipped with tray shaking function, which is importan for burger buns making.

★Data sheet:

ModelCapacity pcs/hDimension(mm)VoltagePower
QLTA-H5burger buns5,000-10,0005550*1300*11003P-380V50Hz2.1KW
6" hotdog3,200-6,400
8" hotdog2,250-4,500
QLTA-H6burger buns6,000-12,0005550*1440*11003P-380V50Hz2.1KW
6" hotdog3,200-6,400
8" hotdog2,250-4,500

Detailed pictures: