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Dough Divider Elevator QLSC-400

Application: Divide and feed dough automatically, labor saving.


★Triangle knives make it possible to divide dough without gluten damage, keep the original flavor.

★Feed next process automatically, working speed adjustable, without weighting system.

★Get one dough piece with one action.

Product Description

A. Fully SUS304 Stainless steel machine casing.

B. Automatic dividing the dough and feeding to divider rounder machine.

C. with a sensor, for the dough inspection above hopper.

D. Conveyor speed 5.5m/min, Material of convey belt is food grade blue PU.

E. Hopper capacity is 400 kg, and equipped with the safety protection device.

F. Equipped with Teflon coated triangle knife for dough dividing, wouldn't damage dough gluten.

ModelMax CapacityOverall size
Weight range dough pieceWorking speedVoltagePower

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